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Meets the second Wednesday of every month at 8:00 p.m.

The session is the ruling body of the local Church.  It consists of fifteen ruling elders (with the minister), five being elected at the annual congregation meeting for a term of three years.  The duties of the session consist of maintaining the spiritual welfare of the congregation; receiving, dismissing and suspending members; and maintaining the religious education program, evangelism and stewardship programs of the Church.  It is divided into seven standing committees.

Christian Education - This committee shall have general supervision over the teaching task of the whole Church, as consultants in the development of programs to further the education of its members.  It shall include the training of new officers and officer candidates through programs such as teaching courses, workshops and conferences.

Music and Worship - This committee shall have general supervision over all the spiritual affairs of the Church.  This shall include preparations for all services of worship, obtaining pulpit supplies in the absence of the pastor, training of new officer and officer candidates, and the promotion of devotional literature in the home.  It will also direct the spiritual use of the facilities of the Church properties, subject only to the policies determined by or the special orders of the session.

This committee together with the minister plans and implements all external relations of the church’s mission and ministry.  This includes but is not limited to: supporting Presbytery, agencies of the national and international church, the wider community and neighborhood organizations, promoting opportunities within the congregation for mission service, planning special offerings and distribution of the annual Benevolence budget,


Fellowship - This committee shall have general supervision over all functions and programs of the local Church.  Included in its responsibilities are the affairs relating to hospitality, promotion of church attendance, visitation of delinquent members, the work of the Board of Deacons, social education and action, and the coordination of all organizations.

Building and Grounds - This committee shall have full charge, supervision, control, maintenance and management of all the property of the Church. 


Finance -This committee will oversee all financial and secular affairs of the church including  supervision of the raising, collection, deposit and disbursement of all funds; and the preparation of the budget.  This committee shall also determine or initiate the long-range spiritual and physical needs, and study the opportunities and possibilities for new work within the Church and the community.  It will analyze local church and community problems and suggest answers where possible.  It should be specific in listing needs in the order of importance and should make definite plans and outline procedures that will meet these needs.

Personnel - This committee shall consult and consider the relationships of church employees, review contracts and suggest any changes with regard to salary, working conditions, supplies, etc.  It shall serve as a liaison and buffer, listening to problems, seeking to make the entire staff a compatible working entity.

Communications - This committee will have general supervision over all the activities that will promote the Church and its programs throughout the community.  This shall include, but not be limited to, those programs already in existence as well as identifying new programs that will increase and/or extend congregational and community involvement, interaction, participation, and the continuing development of the community of believers.