December 10, 2017

Activities Coming Up This Week

Sunday: 2nd Sunday in Advent.  Carol sing before worship (915am). Warminster Chimes Rehearsal (11am).  Deacon's Meeting (11am).

Tuesday:  Dorcas and Mary Martha Circle (Noon). Rebekah Circle (7:30pm).

Wednesday: Ruth Circle Holiday Lunch (12:30pm). Worship and Outreach Committee Meetings (6:30pm).  Session (7:30pm).

Thursday: Children's Choir rehearsal (6:30pm). Senior Choir rehearsal (7:30pm).

Friday: Bible Study - Library (9:30am).

Sunday (12/17): Cantata Sunday - join the Senior Choir as they lead worship with a musical story.  Gosbells Rehearsal (11am).

Future Activities

Cantata Sunday (12/17)

Christmas Eve Services9am - 4th Week of Advent.  6pm - Family service with candle light. 8pm - Traditional service with candle light.