Week of January 13, 2019

Activities Coming Up This Week

Sunday: Worship (9:30am).  Fellowship (10:30 am), Deacons' Meeting, Personnel Committee, and CE Meeting (10:45 am), Warminster Chimes Rehearsal (11am), Church Staff Meeting, offsite (Noon)

Monday(1/14): Finance Committee Meeting (1:00 pm)

Wednesday (1/16): Session (7:00 pm) Social Hall

Thursday (1/17):  Children's Choir rehearsal (6:30pm). Senior Choir rehearsal (7:30pm).

Friday (1/18): Bible Study - Library (9:30am). Funeral 9-2

Sunday (1/14): Worship (9:30am).  Fellowship (10:30), Gospbells Rehearsal, Outreach Committee (11am).

Future Activities

January 27: Annual Congregational Meeting to receive new church officers and the Annual Report.